• The Children's Society

    Help us make a difference

    Traidcraft is a dedicated fair trade organization, committed to fighting poverty through trade.

    Traidcraft will donate to The Children's Society 10% of the sale price of all products purchased by The Children's Society supporters* through this site. So please buy your regular fair trade groceries, church refreshments, gifts and cards online and make twice the difference, to the lives of vulnerable children and communities in the UK and the developing world.

    *From those who have never previously bought from Traidcraft.

  • The Real Easter Egg

    The Real Easter Egg

    Out of the 80 million chocolate Easter eggs sold each year in the UK, The Real Easter Eggs are the only ones to celebrate the meaning of Easter.

    Now available in three varieties: Real Easter Egg, Real Easter Egg Special Edition and Real Easter Egg Sharing Box

    Click to buy The Real Easter Egg View The Real Easter Egg range

  • Buffalo Coffee Percolator & Coffee in Church Promotional Pack

    Coffee Percolator

    Serving Traidcraft ground coffee not only fosters the spirit of justice, it helps your community to link with growers and their families across the world.

    Buy Buffalo Coffee Percolator & Coffee in Church Promotional PackView our Coffee Percolator

  • Fair Trade Toys & Games

    Fair Trade Toys & Games

    A child's imagination....

    Created using traditional techniques and materials, these beautiful toys and gifts are hand crafted to encourage creative play.

    ...can embrace the whole world.

    Fair Trade Toys & Games View all Fair Trade Toys

  • Fair Trade Grocery

    Fair Trade Everyday Essentials

    A fair trade swap for your supermarket shop...

    People often ask us 'why should we buy our everyday fair trade groceries from Traidcraft?

    Because you can! Most of our grocery products are available in individual packs, delivered straight to our door - so it's easy to do your fair trade grocery shop with us.

    ...trust Traidcraft

    Click to buy Fair Trade Grocery View all Fair Groceries

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